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Establishing And Enforcing Marietta Alimony Orders

In most divorce proceedings, the issue of alimony comes into play. In general, alimony is financial support paid by one spouse to the other.

Georgia has no specific guidelines for determining alimony eligibility and no formula for calculating an exact alimony amount. Alimony, spousal maintenance, and spousal support payment requests are granted or denied at the sole discretion of a judge or jury, but such support must be granted within other legal restraints.

In Georgia and its surrounding areas, the Marietta alimony lawyers at Hill Macdonald, LLC, can aggressively advocate for the alimony and spousal maintenance you deserve.

Attorneys Vic Brown Hill and Brad E. Macdonald have significant experience – more than 25 years of it, combined – both fighting for and defending against alimony claims. They have earned a solid reputation as unwavering divorce attorneys who prepare fully for trial from day one.

Marietta Alimony Attorneys With More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience

In recent years, Georgia family law judges have leaned toward awarding rehabilitative alimony: financial support paid until the receiving spouse either becomes gainfully employed or obtains an education. In certain circumstances, lifetime alimony may be awarded by the court to those who are unable to provide for themselves or who are ending a lengthy marriage.

Factors that influence alimony orders include:

  • Health concerns
  • Education levels
  • Income of each party
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Behavior of the party to receive alimony

Other kinds of spousal support are periodic alimony – payments made on a regular schedule, subject to limitations by the court; lump-sum alimony for a spouse receiving a fixed amount (paid as one payment or a series of installments); and in-kind alimony, wherein one spouse receives a piece of property or services as an alimony award.

Marietta Family Law Appeals

If you believe that the amount of alimony awarded by the judge or jury was somehow improper, we may be able to pursue an appeal. Most family law firms do not offer an appellate practice, but Hill Macdonald, LLC, does.

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