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Attorneys Vic Hill and Brad MacDonald

East Cobb Divorce Lawyers

You built a life in the Atlanta suburbs, but now your marriage is ending and you face significant changes and challenges regarding your children, your lifestyle and your financial interests.

With focused practice in the Cobb County family courts, divorce lawyers Vic Brown Hill and Brad E. Macdonald provide both the aggressive strategies and local knowledge you need to resolve your divorce in the most favorable manner.

Hill Macdonald, LLC, is a boutique firm serving many clients in East Cobb and Marietta. Our attorneys’ backgrounds in business, accounting and finance perfectly complement their litigation of high-asset divorces.

Attuned To The Issues Of High Net Worth Clients

Our clients include executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and other high net worth individuals, as well as the spouses of high earners. Many are transplants who were recruited or transferred to Georgia operations and set down roots in East Cobb, Roswell, Sandy Springs and the unincorporated communities.

  • We are well-versed in divorces involving complex property division, such as closely held businesses, deferred compensation, country club memberships and real estate holdings.
  • Alimony and prenuptial agreements are commonly in play for East Cobb couples. We have litigated spousal support and issues of separate property and commingled assets.
  • We can protect your rights and interests regarding custody and child support, including petitions by one parent to relocate “back home” with the children.

Exploring Your Options While Preparing For Court

Your situation may be amenable to alternative dispute resolution or an uncontested settlement. Our philosophy is to gear up for litigation to put clients in the most advantageous negotiating position. This proactive approach may ultimately avoid much of the expense, uncertainty and acrimony of contested proceedings.

Our attorneys are familiar with the East Cobb neighborhoods as well as the local court system. That experience may prove invaluable during the legal process and in the final outcome. We invite you to contact Hill Macdonald online or call toll free at 770-679-2177 to arrange a consultation.