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Getting Enforcement Of A Marietta Judgment

When your former spouse ignores a responsibility that is clearly spelled out in your Marietta settlement agreement or divorce decree, and you want to compel the former spouse’s compliance, our experienced Marietta judgment enforcement attorneys can help.

In Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, you will find the experienced divorce and family representation you need at Hill Macdonald, LLC. We can advise you on the process of a judgment enforcement when alimony, child support or child custody obligations are being ignored.

Marietta Divorce Decree Enforcement Attorneys

If your ex-wife or ex-husband is not fulfilling the terms of your final judgment and decree that was finalized at the end of your divorce, you may benefit from discussing the situation with an experienced attorney. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of combined experience and are known as divorce trial lawyers who zealously advocate on behalf of post-divorce clients.

Aggressive Advocacy For You In Judgment Enforcement Actions

As difficult as it may be to not view a former spouse as an adversary, the law compels both parties to comply with a final divorce judgment. This means that he or she must abide by the court’s order regarding child support, alimony, child custody or distribution of assets as spelled out in the property division order.

The divorce trial lawyers at Hill Macdonald, LLC, understand the importance of a speedy resolution when one ex-spouse refuses to follow the court’s order. We have the experience necessary to bring about judgment compliance by our clients’ opponents through swift application of the law by well-established court procedures.

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