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Modifying Marietta Child Support, Alimony Or Custody Orders

Sudden, dramatic changes in your lifestyle after a divorce can call for significant revisions in your settlement agreement or divorce decree. A job loss or promotion, unexpected health care expenses, remarriage or relocation may warrant changes in financial or custodial obligations for you or your former spouse.

Hill Macdonald, LLC, provides knowledgeable, attentive legal advice to anyone who needs help to modify their Marietta child support, child custody or other arrangements associated with a prior divorce.

Marietta Custody And Child Support Modification Attorneys: Modifying Family Law Divorce Decrees

Your finalized divorce decree will incorporate your settlement agreement or contain the order of the court entered after your trial. Once that final judgment and decree is entered, however, there remains the possibility to modify the arrangements should you experience a change in occupation, health or several other factors. Alimony or spousal support, child support, visitation or parenting plans, and other issues can be revisited should the need arise.

More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience In Family Law Working For You

Our Marietta modification lawyers can help a court see your side of the story and present evidence, including:

  • Change in income or job loss
  • Remarriage of your former spouse
  • Relocation
  • Wishes of your child
  • Health problems of a child or a parent
  • Any other item specific to your situation

We can help you with whatever life hands you – any change that should be reflected in your divorce settlement or decree. We pride ourselves on getting results and ensuring that the rights of our clients are protected at all times.

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