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Using Alternative Dispute Resolution To Get Results

Methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are becoming not only a preferred method in family law matters but a required one as well. Every Georgia county requires mediation prior to going to trial for any case.

When your divorce, child custody, alimony or other family law matter is subject to the mediation process, having an experienced Marietta mediation attorney is crucial. The Cobb County ADR lawyers whose proven skills, understanding and client commitment can benefit you and your Georgia family are Hill Macdonald, LLC, in Marietta.

At Hill Macdonald, LLC, we have extensive experience in mediation and ADR. Attorney Vic Brown Hill is a registered mediator and has been practicing law since 1995. Attorney Brad E. Macdonald has almost a decade of family law experience. Our attorneys are more than prepared to represent you at both mediation and trial, if necessary.

Knowledge And Experience For Resolution Of Your Marietta Family Law Dispute

Mediation is an ADR process in which a neutral third party or mediator facilitates an agreement between disputing parties. The neutral third party is there only as an objective facilitator and will draft a divorce agreement outline if the parties reach one.

Mediation is a voluntary process, but if the parties reach an agreement, it will likely be binding. Therefore, good representation at mediation is critical so that you understand the legal significance and consequences of the agreement you are about to reach.

Understanding Collaborative Law In Georgia

Collaborative law is a newer dispute resolution process that can help divorcing parties avoid costly, lengthy, contentious litigation. The parties agree from the start to cooperate and disclose all information that pertains to property division and other matters to be resolved.

Professionals and experts such as child specialists and divorce coaches work with both parties to come to an agreement. However, the collaborative process poses a high risk of abuse if either party is unwilling to be completely honest and make full disclosure of all facts. When the collaborative approach fails, litigation is the answer.

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Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can save time, money and energy and can promote an atmosphere of cooperation that you can carry into your post-divorce life.

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