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The decisions you make today can result in a brighter tomorrow for you and your children. Vic Brown Hill and Brad E. Macdonald are well known as trial lawyers who boldly address complex issues in pursuit of favorable outcomes for their clients.

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Marietta Divorce And Family Law Attorneys

Getting divorced or fighting for custody is daunting and stressful. At Hill Macdonald, LLC, we aim to reduce your anxiety by problem-solving in close consultation with you, and to achieve the most favorable outcome of these important matters through aggressive advocacy aligned with your goals.

Our sole focus on family law enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions even in high-conflict and high-asset divorce proceedings. We serve a diverse range of clients in Marietta, East Cobb and all surrounding communities.

Our Complete Focus on Family Law Means
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Divorce Law
The decision to pursue a divorce is never easy. With so much at stake — lifestyle, finances, the relationship with your child, and …
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Child Custody & Support
Just as daily life revolves around the needs and activities of your children, the best interests of your children take center stage …
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Fathers’ Rights
Men have the same legal rights as women in Georgia when it comes to child custody and child support matters, but those rights are not …
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Same Sex Family Law
The legalization of same-sex marriage did not resolve all the legal issues of gay and lesbian relationships. Laws pertaining to opposite..
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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are becoming not only a preferred method in family law matters but a required one as well.
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Family Law Appeals
If you have decided to appeal the outcome of a contested or high-asset divorce, property division determination or post-judgment modification..
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Mediation Services
Every case does not need a high conflict trial before the Judge or a jury. Especially when children are involved, a high conflict resolution of a case can leave the parties with an unpleasant relationship that does not benefit anyone – especially the children.

Focusing On Priorities
Doing What Is Best For Your Children

With 25-plus years of combined experience, our knowledge of family law and the local court system translates into perspective and strategies for crafting workable solutions to custody and child support disputes.

Sometimes you have no choice but to fight. When your parental rights are threatened, our experienced trial lawyers will vigorously fight for you in motions, hearings, trials and appeals.

Comprehensive Solutions That Move You Forward

Divorce doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Beyond family court proceedings, our attorneys can help you deal with overlapping areas of the law such as bankruptcy, disability, domestic violence, criminal law, business law, real estate and probate.