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Attorneys Vic Hill and Brad MacDonald

Marietta Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

Men have the same legal rights as women in Georgia when it comes to child custody and child support matters, but those rights are not always realized or respected. In divorce and paternity cases, fathers may need aggressive advocacy to protect their parental rights.

The fathers’ rights attorneys of Hill Macdonald, LLC, recognize the important role that fathers play in care and custody of children. We work creatively to fashion parenting plans that allow parents to nurture and raise their children together, though not as husband and wife. We will go to court when a former spouse or partner will not work cooperatively or tries to shut our client out of his rightful role.

Threats of taking away a child are inappropriate and uncalled for. We are here to help protect your rights as a parent and represent you in all family legal matters.

Marietta Lawyers For Child Custody And Paternity Disputes

Although the law recognizes no difference between fathers and mothers in custody decisions, the reality is that some courts tend to favor mothers in matters of family law. This is especially true when children are younger or the parents never married; fathers must prove that they belong in the picture.

Our attorneys will vigorously assert your rights relating to:

Advocating For Every Parent’s Rights, Regardless Of Gender

We advise men to be involved in their children’s lives as much as they can. Whether you are a stay-at-home or working dad, be there for your child, have quality time together, document it and stay as involved as your co-parent.

We believe that every case deserves a fair application of the law to the specific facts in that case. Hill Macdonald, LLC, will advocate fiercely for fathers who find themselves in child support disputes and custody battles.

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