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Marietta Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse have mutually agreed to get a divorce, the experienced Marietta uncontested divorce attorneys from Hill Macdonald, LLC, can help you obtain a quick and cost-efficient resolution.

Additionally, our firm offers personalized pre-divorce planning services that help each of our clients achieve their goals. We can smoothly, efficiently expedite your uncontested or no-fault divorce in ways that dignify your relationship, give you hope for the future and minimize the emotional damage of divorce on your children.

The attorneys at Hill Macdonald, LLC, possess more than 25 years of combined experience addressing the legal issues of people just like you, with families just like yours.

Marietta No-Fault Divorce Attorneys

In today’s uncertain economy, many divorcing couples are choosing to pursue less costly uncontested divorces, as opposed to more conventional, contentious proceedings that drain budgets and increase tension. We listen carefully as you express these goals and use our knowledge of the divorce legal process to make them a reality.

Quality, Experienced Marietta Divorce Representation

The objective of an uncontested or no-fault divorce, other than conserving financial resources, is to develop a mutually acceptable plan with your spouse that emotionally safeguards both you and your family. At Hill Macdonald, LLC, we can help you set a tone for future cooperation and establish the groundwork for a stable future.

We offer flat-fee uncontested divorce services (plus court costs) to prepare your divorce documents and obtain a divorce decree. This fee includes a certain number of allotted revisions in the settlement agreement so that it is tailored to your specific life.

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