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Seeking, Enforcing And Modifying Child Support Orders

If you are ready to discuss the particular circumstances of your child support issue, whether as part of a divorce or resulting from a paternity action outside of marriage, you can trust our Marietta child support lawyers’ combined 25-plus years of experience, in-depth knowledge of Georgia child support guidelines and reputation for results.

The lawyers at Hill Macdonald, LLC, realize that child support issues can involve contentious discussions and strong emotions. We will work hard on your behalf to see that your goals are realized and that any divorce order or modifications are done in the best interests of your child.

We invite you to read about us – and what our satisfied clients say about us – to find out more about how we can help you with child support issues or any aspect of divorce.

Child Support And Modification Attorneys: Serving Marietta And Surrounding Areas

In determining an appropriate level of child support, courts take into account the incomes of both the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent. Georgia law assumes that children will spend significant periods of time with both parents, even when one parent is designated the custodial parent. In many cases, noncustodial parents (often fathers) are required to pay less under the current guidelines, and custodial parents will receive less. To learn an estimate of child support obligations under the current guidelines, see Georgia’s online child support calculator.

In addition to parents’ incomes, courts consider the amount that each parent pays for health insurance, medical care, day care and a child’s extracurricular activities. Any unusual circumstances, such as necessary tutoring or summer day care needs, may mean that a deviation from the basic child support obligation is in order.

If a disagreement over appropriate levels of child support is holding up your Georgia divorce; if a dramatic change in lifestyle may require a modification of child support or child custody responsibilities; or if child support obligations have not been met and a judgment enforcement is necessary, we are here to help.

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