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Attorney Vic Brown Hill

Every case does not need a high-conflict trial before the judge or a jury. Especially when children are involved, a high conflict resolution of a case can leave the parties with an unpleasant relationship that does not benefit anyone – especially the children. The best way for the parties to avoid that outcome is to resolve their own case through settlement. That is the goal of mediation.

Mediation is a voluntary process where a third-party neutral, who is specially trained for this purpose, assists the parties in reaching their own settlement. The mediation conference can involve the parties and their attorneys, or in some cases it may just involve the parties and the mediator. The mediator is not there to provide legal advice, but the mediator can use his experience and knowledge of the law to focus the parties on ways to resolve their issues without judicial intervention.

Mediation saves money for the parties also. Trial preparation by an attorney is usually pretty expensive because it is time consuming. If a party resolves the case at mediation, attorney time spent on preparation and conducting a trial is avoided, and the parties save money that can be directed to better purposes.

Vic Brown Hill is a mediator registered in Georgia to conduct either Domestic Mediations or Non-Domestic Mediation conferences. Mr. Hill brings his extensive legal and financial experience to the table to help parties resolve their issues. Mediation conferences can be done very effectively online to maintain social distancing; or they can be done in person. Mr. Hill’s rate for mediation is $180.00 per hour. To schedule a mediation with Mr. Hill, please call the offices of Hill Macdonald, LLC, at 770-679-2177.