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My future depended on the competence and skill of my attorney, Vic Hill. I had a very complicated divorce case that Vic took on with great confidence. He not only had to deal with cleaning up a huge mess created by my former attorney that could have potentially destroyed my financial future, he also had to deal with opposing counsel filing Motions against me left and right. The largest was to have my entire Settlement Agreement overturned due to mistakes made as far back as the beginning of my divorce. If not for his knowledge and great skill, I would have lost everything due to technicalities. There were many times that the stress was more than I could bare, and Vic would always put me at ease. Vic won in Superior Court and just when things seemed to settle down and I could finally take a breath, the unthinkable happened — opposing counsel filed with the Georgia Supreme Court to overturn my Settlement Agreement. This was no easy task, but again Vic went to work and blew them out of the water and once again we conquered! There are so many issues over these last several years that have arisen and every single time Vic solved every one of them to my satisfaction. That in itself is an accomplishment, as I will be the first to admit, I am not easy to please at times. I will always recommend Vic to anyone in need of a great attorney! — L.K.

Dear Brad, with sincerest thanks and appreciation for all you did to make this settlement possible. I never imagined this day of retribution would come, and it would not have happened without your guidance, advice and advocacy on my behalf. You were the first law firm I called in Georgia, and it was the smartest call I ever made! I wish you and your family well, and hope to stay in touch. — K. W.

I needed authenticity; I needed an aggressive, professional service provider that would guide me, and my family, through a very difficult legal process. I called on Vic Brown Hill at Hill Macdonald, LLC. My family received prompt and incomparable care; there are attorneys, and then there is Hill-Macdonald, LLC. They fight, you win! — S.M.

My husband and I have no words that truly express how we feel about Brad Macdonald. He was introduced to us by our domestic lawyer and from the first time we met, we trusted Mr. Macdonald.

Let me begin by saying we are the grandparents of a beautiful grandchild who gained custody of him during divorce proceedings of one of our children. Our son was down on his luck and the home of the mother was very much a danger to our grandchild. On the advice of our son’s attorney, we talked to and hired our own attorney and began the process of intervening in the case, seeking full custody of our grandchild. After being subject to having to prove that the mother was unfit and our son was incapable of taking care of his son at this time, we testified, and heard testimony from numerous people, including our guardian ad litem, for three days. To say this was stressful is being kind. It was not only stressful, it was unbelievable at the feelings you have during a time like this. In the end, we won full custody of our grandson and he is doing beautifully!

After leaving court, we were told the mother could now petition the court for a new trial and she could also take the case to the Appeals Court or even the Supreme Court of Georgia. Well, she did petition for a new trial and then appealed in the Supreme Court of Georgia. Yes, stress, once again, but with the kindness and understanding of Brad Macdonald, we got through this. He never led us to believe we had this in the bag, but let us know that we had a strong case. He was so good to explain things and although my husband and I had never been through anything like this and didn’t know enough to even ask questions, I always felt like no question was a bad question. This was very comforting. Well, with every turn, Brad was beside us. This appeal took approximately eight months, but as of last week we found out that we had won the case on every point that the mother had appealed! Brad’s knowledge of appeals and his belief in us was always evident. We felt like we had the best of the best! And to say thank you seems so small, but we do thank Brad Macdonald from the bottom of our hearts for ourselves, but most of all for our grandchild. He is the winner here!

We would recommend Brad Macdonald with the highest confidence that he would do this kind of job for anyone he is working for. He not only was our attorney, but became our friend and we thank him.” — K.S. & J.S.

It is a stressful time in your life when you must engage an attorney for domestic or family law purposes. How do you choose the right one to represent your interests? Well, I have gone through 2 prolonged rounds of litigation with my ex over a 7-year period using 4 different attorneys. I know the uncertainties, difficulties and expenses involved in this important decision.

Vic Hill of Hill-Macdonald LLC was my best legal counsel. Too bad I found him last. You want an attorney who will help you shed the emotional baggage that clouds your judgment and will guide you effectively and pragmatically through the legal maze. One who is highly skilled in the process, personable and respected. Vic Hill is all of those things. In addition, the staff of Hill-Macdonald could not be more supportive and thorough. Believe me; this aspect is very important, too. When you are seated in the courtroom, trust and confidence in your attorney is critical. You can do no better than to have Hill-Macdonald with you. — R.H.

I recommend Vic Hill. He represented me in a child custody dispute and achieved what I asked of him. Vic deposed the GAL which resulted in the judge rejecting the GAL’s recommendation. Instead, the judge ruled (mostly) in my favor on visitation, counseling and attorney fees.

Vic’s guidance and honesty surpassed my expectations. Hill Macdonald has an excellent staff that handled my case with kindness and was a tremendous support.

Thank you Vic and everyone at Hill Macdonald. — M.

Mr. Hill,

THANK YOU so very much for your professional services.

Your guidance, honesty and professionalism far surpassed my expectations as my attorney. You and your staff were always available to answer my questions or calm my nerves.

To say the least, when I walked into your office, I was defensive and apprehensive. I had already hired two other attorneys in Marietta that did little to nothing for me.

To go through a divorce is such a gut wrenching and heart breaking experience. Emotions are high and the feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming. However, I can honestly say that you took great care of me and my family, and I appreciate your hard work so very much.

Blessings. — W.H.

Have a good weekend, Vic. You have made my week.

I have of course reflected on how Tuesday’s results were achieved. My conclusion? You were professional, targeted in your presentation and Spartan in your delivery; a highly-efficient style that I think the court appreciated.

I am fortunate to have you as counsel. — R.

[Dear Friend],

How have you been? This has been the absolute roughest road, a monumental nightmare. God has been good though. I am hopeful that life might start to happen at some point. July is our first hearing and I am praying that things might proceed more rapidly after that…

Having interviewed several attorneys, I chose Vic for two reasons. The first was his ability to communicate warmly and sincerely. The second was his reputation for being aggressive, if necessary, and the fact that during his interview what was said backed this up. Both reasons have proved to be true, and I am pleased with my choice.

I am married to a very deceitful, untruthful, narcissistic man. Vic has been able to see through all of the verbal and written gymnastics and get to the core of the issue. Though [my husband’s] attorney has stooped to many verbal attacks in his written communication, Vic has moved forward by just sticking to the task at hand. I have admired that approach.

My case is a very detailed and convoluted mess. Vic has seen the abuse that I have endured over many years. Without any money and living on borrowed funds, Vic has been very understanding of the situation and has intentionally been very conservative in his billing. God knows I appreciate that.

Another positive aspect of working with Vic is his administrative assistant. She is a very committed Christian woman that has been in a situation somewhat similar to mine. She has been personable, knowledgeable and encouraging. It has been a pleasure working with her.

So, though “the fat lady has not sung,” I would highly recommend Vic.

Blessings. — D.