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Was your prenuptial agreement too unreasonable?

Many high wage earners go into their marriages with ideas about how they can protect their assets. Usually, prenuptial agreements come up as a way to protect their earnings, retirement and assets. It’s reasonable to use a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself, but...

What happens if you hide assets during divorce?

Hiding assets is a quick way to find yourself in hot water with the court. Judges do not like to hear that someone has been holding back assets or trying to hide their earnings when working on property division during a divorce case. So serious is this that the court...

Received an inheritance? Don’t commingle it

If you receive an inheritance during your marriage, one of the things you don’t want to do is commingle that asset with your marital assets. What that means is that you should place this money into your own private account or keep it separate, so that you aren’t...


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