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3 reasons people may choose to change lawyers during a divorce

Most divorces, particularly those involving contested custody matters or sizable assets, necessitate legal representation. Those preparing for divorce seek legal assistance to better ensure a favorable outcome. Their attorney can handle paperwork, negotiations and many other technical aspects of the divorce process.

A lawyer can also provide guidance and advice that can make a big difference for someone whose emotions may occasionally overwhelm their rational decision-making abilities during their divorce proceedings. Typically, people obtain the best results by having a lawyer represent them from the earliest stages of divorce through the very last details of the process. However, there are some people who feel compelled to change lawyers in the middle of a divorce. What might motivate someone to look for a different divorce attorney?

Their lawyer causes conflict

Some people recognize that their attorney has made their situation more acrimonious. Perhaps the lawyer has fed into their emotional responses instead of helping to diffuse them during intense moments. There are those who will contribute to divorce conflict instead of helping to resolve it because litigated divorces are often more lucrative for the attorneys involved. People may seek a different lawyer if they start to question whether their attorney has their best interest at heart because they fan the Flames of interpersonal conflict.

Their lawyer is unavailable or unsupportive

Divorce is a relatively unique legal issue because it produces such intense emotions even in those who recognize that the end of their marriage is likely the best solution for their current challenges. People may need reassurance or guidance when their spouse makes an inflammatory or threatening statement. They may suddenly recall previously undisclosed assets in the middle of the weekend and want clarity about what will happen with a retirement account, for example. When lawyers are unavailable to communicate or when their responses are consistently unsupportive, clients may decide they want to hire someone better capable of meeting their needs.

Their lawyer has given bad advice

Someone unfamiliar with state statutes relies on their attorney to guide them regarding issues ranging from child support and parenting time to alimony and property division. People will very likely discuss those same matters with friends, family and others that they trust. They may then hear from those trusted individuals that their attorney’s recommendations seem to differ from what other lawyers have recommended. In that situation, someone concerned about obtaining a fair outcome to their divorce me seek a consultation with a different lawyer to see if their perspective on the situation is significantly different.

Some people need to change lawyers to obtain the best possible outcome during their divorce proceedings. Recognizing that it is possible to secure new representation might help people better set themselves up for a more successful divorce process overall.