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If you are planning to be married soon, you may be wondering if a prenuptial agreement is right for you and your soon-to-be husband or wife.

Engaged people often inquire at Hill Macdonald, LLC, about the value and potential effects of a prenuptial agreement. Particularly when one or both fiancés have children from a previous marriage or own a business, it is certainly advisable to speak with a Marietta prenuptial attorney about the legal consequences of joining forces financially through marriage.

Rising divorce rates in the U.S. demand that you take precautions to protect yourself legally in case your marriage does not survive.

The experienced attorneys at our firm are well-prepared to advise engaged couples regarding premarital agreements.

Marietta Prenup Drafting Attorneys: More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience

Romantic considerations aside, marriage is a contract. If you enter into the contract and that marriage breaks up, a court will have the authority to determine the terms under which it is dissolved. A stranger who is not involved in your welfare will be able to make decisions regarding division of assets, alimony and the religious upbringing of your children.

A prenuptial agreement can prevent this scenario by documenting terms to your marriage contract that you both agree on.

What Can And Cannot Be Included In Your Marietta Prenup And Enforcement Of The Agreement

While certain items cannot be incorporated into a prenuptial agreement, such as child custody, important agreements regarding child rearing can be clearly articulated beforehand through prenuptial agreements. Indeed, prenuptial agreements can be useful tools for premarital planning. In many instances, prenuptial planning can help to avoid divorce down the road because potential disputes have already been resolved.

Georgia’s laws regarding prenuptial agreement enforcement have been updated in recent years. There are now more stringent requirements regarding financial disclosures. In the event of a dispute, courts will look for evidence that a spouse entered into a prenuptial agreement with full knowledge of what he or she was giving up rights to. Were there hidden assets? Were retirement funds fully disclosed? Did the spouse make an informed decision?

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