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Marietta Pre-Divorce Planning Lawyers

The decision to pursue a divorce is not to be taken lightly – particularly when complex issues such as child custody, business ownership and medical considerations are involved.

When you go through the divorce process, several items in your life change and you need to be well-prepared to move on to the next stage in your life. Whether you are seeking an uncontested divorce or anticipate a complicated divorce process, the experienced Marietta pre-divorce attorneys from Hill Macdonald, LLC, will be ready to help you achieve your goals.

The postnuptial agreement can have the same importance for the divorce process that a prenuptial agreement and pre-marriage planning can have before a marriage.

Hill Macdonald, LLC, Will Show You How To Prepare For Your Marietta Divorce

Our Marietta pre-divorce attorneys can make a number of common-sense recommendations for pre-divorce planning. For example, to position yourself to conduct an effective custody battle or business asset division dispute, you should document evidence in your favor before divorce proceedings are initiated.

Children In Divorce: Planning For Their Best Interests

Even when both parents work full time, one parent often takes leadership in raising a child: taking the child to the doctor, attending parent-teacher conferences, arranging for social and extracurricular events, and ensuring that homework is completed.

Through careful divorce planning, we have obtained successful outcomes on behalf of many clients through detailed evidence of parental involvement. When we represent parents who lack demonstrable evidence that they are involved parents, we advise and assist them in ways to recover and gather such documentation.

Whatever your concerns are before filing a divorce petition, divorce planning is advisable when important aspects of your life are at stake. Plan astutely to protect your assets, protect your parental rights and prevent disputes over joint accounts, retirement funds and inheritances.

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