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Marietta Domestic Violence Lawyers

As family law attorneys, we’ve seen how abuse hurts individuals and tears families apart. The incidence of domestic violence is highest when couples separate, making it all the more scary to leave an abusive relationship.

The Marietta law firm of Hill Macdonald, LLC, represents victims of abuse in obtaining and extending protection orders. We also counsel those accused of domestic violence, usually in the context of divorce proceedings. You can count on our Marietta protective orders lawyers to vigorously protect your rights and guide you through the legal process.

Have you been abused or threatened with violence by your spouse or partner? Our legal team will intervene to ensure you and your children are safe. We have years of experience in the Marietta family courts.

Protection Orders: Halting The Cycle Of Marietta Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence does not only mean punching, slapping, kicking or other physical assault. It can refer to any action intended to cause intimidation or fear – shoving, throwing objects, threats against you or your children, false imprisonment, sexual assault, emotional abuse and stalking behavior.

  • A temporary protection order separates the victim and abuser to prevent further violence. The individual will be ordered to leave the house and have no contact with the victim. Violating a protective order can result in criminal charges.
  • A 12-month protection order requires a hearing on whether the subject poses a threat. Because of the ramifications for custody and visitation, most judges will demand proof of abuse or threatened violence before entering this “permanent” order.

In addition to no-contact orders, we help victims of violence obtain temporary orders for custody, child support or spousal support.

Talk To Us About Domestic Violence

At Hill Macdonald, LLC, we don’t condone the use of protection orders as a weapon of divorce and custody. But we will not hesitate to ask the court’s protection when clients and their children are legitimately in danger.

Our Marietta domestic violence attorneys can explain your rights and options in a free consultation, and can provide close support during a difficult time. Call us toll free in Marietta at 770-679-2177 or contact us online. We handle domestic violence cases in Cobb County and Fulton County.