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Alimony help for Georgia couples facing divorce

Georgia divorced spouses may be able to say farewell to alimony being paid for life. Several states are contemplating changing laws that decree paying alimony that ends upon death. There was a reason that law was passed long ago, but in so many cases these days, that reason is no longer valid.

Many years ago, divorce was not as common as it is today, nor was finding a woman who worked outside her home. At that time, when a couple got divorced and the only job a wife had had was taking care of the house and the children, the court wanted to make sure the wife was provided for. Today, however, much has changed. There are many more opportunities for women today and a lot of women are taking advantage of them. Some men feel the law is not fair, as their ex-wives may either make or have the potential to make as much or even more than they themselves do.

There are some people who feel the law should not change. There are women who have stayed at home by choice, feeling that option supports a husband more than working outside the home does. If they are older and facing a divorce, it may be harder for them to get the jobs that will pay enough to support them as they are on their own.

One state has passed a law that bases alimony on the length of the marriage. Another state wants to not only pass that law itself but to also end alimony at retirement. The argument for that case would be that the income level in retirement goes down but the alimony amount does not, which may create a financial hardship for the payer. Georgia has its own guidelines for alimony for those facing divorce. Some research may be helpful to a couple before deciding how to proceed.

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