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New trend leans toward positive aspects of divorce

With the celebrations of a wedding comes flowers, lavish decorations, guests and -- of course -- the wedding cake. If the marriage later ended in a divorce, the couple might have reflected on the demise of the marriage with a mixture of emotions, including sadness, anger and even resentment. Recently, there has been a trend toward accentuating the positive aspect of divorce -- freedom. There are likely divorcing couples everywhere, including Georgia, for whom the idea may hold some appeal.

One writer's view on divorce and children

The stigma that once surrounded the notion of a marital break-up has long since been forgotten by many. Now, more unhappy partners may feel that they can pursue a divorce without the negative fallout. While the circumstances may vary, the end result is most likely a positive change for the spouses. Georgia parents who are contemplating taking this step may benefit from consulting various resources concerning how to help their children adjust after the process has been started.

Changes in child custody cases may apply to Georgia families

It used to be assumed that if a couple sought a divorce, then, in most cases, the mother would be the primary caretaker. However, in the past several years, judges have focused on ensuring that child custody is more equitable. Families in Georgia that may be contemplating a change in their family structure may be interested to hear that fathers are often given the right to play a vital role in their children's lives.

Man stunned by child support bill

Recently, a man was stunned to receive notification that he was being held responsible for a bill totaling thousands of dollars. It is apparently in relation to back child support that he was told years ago he didn't owe. Unfortunately for him, however, a judge has decided that he will have to pay it. While the majority of non-custodial parents in Georgia do have to pay support, most likely none of them will ever have a story like this man's.

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