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One writer’s view on divorce and children

The stigma that once surrounded the notion of a marital break-up has long since been forgotten by many. Now, more unhappy partners may feel that they can pursue a divorce without the negative fallout. While the circumstances may vary, the end result is most likely a positive change for the spouses. Georgia parents who are contemplating taking this step may benefit from consulting various resources concerning how to help their children adjust after the process has been started.

One writer has recently shared her opinion about how a divorce affected her own children. While she did not allude to the reasons why she and her spouse chose to end their relationship, she expressed regret over the way she perceives that her son and daughter were harmed. This mother did not disclose the ages of her children when the divorce was granted, but the proceedings date back some 14 years ago.

The author included a reference to a scientific study concerning the impact of a divorce on a child’s life. The study concluded that, overall, most children can recover from a family break-up relatively quickly. Children successfully process the changes, and the great majority of them are able to have led happy and fulfilling lives. The professionals all acknowledged that many children do have to get past some intense reactions, but most return to their former selves within 24 months on average.

This mother seems to have struggled with her divorce and what she feels are lingering ill-effects on her children’s emotional well-being. However, the majority of divorced parents report — and studies seem to collaborate– that children thrive in an atmosphere when the tension of unhappy parents has been eliminated. Georgia families have many knowledgeable resources that may be able to provide the tools and information to help ensure that only the best decisions are made to allow their offspring to resume their normal lives after a divorce. Parents continue to be parents, even after they separate from their spouse, and the majority of them want only the best for their own children’s emotional and physical well-being, regardless of their family composition.

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