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New trend leans toward positive aspects of divorce

With the celebrations of a wedding comes flowers, lavish decorations, guests and — of course — the wedding cake. If the marriage later ended in a divorce, the couple might have reflected on the demise of the marriage with a mixture of emotions, including sadness, anger and even resentment. Recently, there has been a trend toward accentuating the positive aspect of divorce — freedom. There are likely divorcing couples everywhere, including Georgia, for whom the idea may hold some appeal.

One of the most appealing aspects of a divorce party is — of course — the cake (once again). There have been an increasing number of requests for the sweet confection to be featured as a main ingredient in these celebrations. The theme seems to be a twist on the previous joy of the wedding.

Many of the cake designs portray the groom in all manners of peril, such as being crushed by the cake, being pushed over the side or with the bride figure brandishing a weapon. Another twist to the traditional cake is the addition of dark icing or the inverted tier design. Not all cakes, though, seem to feature retribution or revenge. One divorced couple worked together to have their freedom party. The former wife even made the flavor of cake that they both favored and wrote a message that focused on the positive aspect of their break-up.

While it may indeed be a positive step to turn the sadness of a marital dissolution into a decision that can be celebrated, a divorce can still be an unsettling and confusing experience for many. Georgia families do have knowledgeable and compassionate resources to turn to for guidance to enable families who have decided on a divorce the chance to achieve a fair settlement and ultimately arrive at a place of peace. That may allow them a chance to also celebrate their new freedom, and some may even do so with a cake.

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