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Changes in child custody cases may apply to Georgia families

It used to be assumed that if a couple sought a divorce, then, in most cases, the mother would be the primary caretaker. However, in the past several years, judges have focused on ensuring that child custody is more equitable. Families in Georgia that may be contemplating a change in their family structure may be interested to hear that fathers are often given the right to play a vital role in their children’s lives.

The difference in how custody is being considered can be clearly seen in recent cases that have been reported in the media outlets. Fathers have realized greater recognition of their rights and that they are more than a support payment. In fact, according to the work of several writers, more mothers have been ordered to pay child support than have ever had to in the past. One reason may be that women are now more frequently equal breadwinners in the families.

While there may still be a presumed prejudice against fathers being awarded shared custody of their children, according to recent statistics, that is no longer a valid belief. In many cases, judges seem to favor the parent who is more likely to be flexible and amiable toward the other parent. One other condition that judges will often take into consideration is whether the parents were married, as some judges may not rule in favor of a father who does not have a legally valid claim prior to a petition for custody.

It may be that the plethora of fathers’ rights activists have helped to turn the tide in favor of more equitable child custody agreements. Whatever the reason beyond the changing attitudes and laws that are ensuring that fathers are more than a monthly check, the children are likely the ultimate winners since they are being granted the right to spend time with both parents. Georgia families that may be facing decisions or have questions concerning issues relating to custody or similar matters may seek out knowledgeable resources that can provide them with current information. Having the best information available can ensure that their children have all that they need for healthy and happy lives.

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