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Why do some women refuse to divorce a cheating husband?

For many Georgia women, when a spouse is caught cheating the aftermath follows a predictable course. After the initial confrontation and a period of fact-gathering, many women move into the process of filing for divorce. Infidelity is a breach of trust that many simply cannot overcome. However, virtually every woman knows someone who survived one or more episodes of cheating with their marriage intact.

Georgia residents facing divorce may not friend's advice

Many people in Georgia have close friends who are going through a divorce. Divorce is a difficult process and those going through it can sometimes find support from their friends. There are a lot of ways to show support but a recent article has pointed out there are also some things to avoid during this time.

Georgia residents beware of child support scam

Georgia parents who have been ordered to pay child support may find themselves struggling to make ends meet at times. Although this is a legal obligation, the person is only required what they have been ordered to pay. A recent child support scam is making headlines and has some parents concerned they could be the next victim.

Child custody case may have some influence on Georgia parents

Residents in Georgia may be interested to hear of a child custody case going on in another state. The mother is an American Indian, the father is not. The mother wants sole custody of the children but the father wants shared child custody.

Youngest children affected the most from a Georgia divorce

Research has shown that the younger children in a marriage are the most adversely affected by divorce. As the attachments are formed by the young children toward their parents, divorce can possibly have unfavorable effects to that affection. For Georgia parents contemplating divorce, the results of this research could help them make the situation easier on all children involved.

Confronting bullying during a Georgia divorce

In some married Georgia couples, one spouse might be more controlling than the other, especially when it comes to finances. When headed for divorce, that could be a bad thing. Those controlling spouses would tend to look, not at the money itself, but at how they might use it to 'win' in the divorce settlement. For the spouse married to the controller, there are some measures to take before the divorce. 

Keeping Georgia children secure during a stressful divorce

Divorce is usually hard on everyone involved, especially the children. Most Georgia divorced parents will admit that keeping a good relationship with the former spouse to make it easier on the children is usually harder than it seems. That is one aspect of the divorce that is extremely important, however. 

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