Month: July 2013

Apps may be the future for a Georgia divorce

Georgia residents may be interested to learn about the way professionals in another state make going through a divorce a little easier. It is through an app that offers help for different phases of a divorce. The app can be downloaded for no cost from iTunes.The app...

Tax tips for Georgia couples facing divorce

Taxes can be extremely stressful for Georgia taxpayers. Paying taxes in the midst of a divorce can be even more so. There are some factors to take into consideration as people are going through the trying times of tax preparation and divorce.The date of a divorce can...

Confronting bullying during a Georgia divorce

In some married Georgia couples, one spouse might be more controlling than the other, especially when it comes to finances. When headed for divorce, that could be a bad thing. Those controlling spouses would tend to look, not at the money itself, but at how they might...


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