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Why do some women refuse to divorce a cheating husband?

For many Georgia women, when a spouse is caught cheating the aftermath follows a predictable course. After the initial confrontation and a period of fact-gathering, many women move into the process of filing for divorce. Infidelity is a breach of trust that many simply cannot overcome. However, virtually every woman knows someone who survived one or more episodes of cheating with their marriage intact.

Why do some women stand by their man, even when faced with the pain and humiliation of an affair? The answer can be complicated, and each individual has their own reasoning when it comes to handling infidelity. However, research suggests that highly educated women may have an even harder time filing for divorce than those who have not achieved a college degree.

For some, a string base of traditional values lies behind the decision to stay together. Many women were raised to believe that marriage vows are not to be broken, and will simply weather the emotional turmoil if infidelity and move past an indiscretion. In other cases, women remain in an unhappy marriage because of the belief that they would not be able to maintain their standard of living on their own, and that their children would suffer as a result.

When financial matters are the reason behind a decision to remain married to a cheating spouse, it is important for the wronged party to research their rights under Georgia law. With the proper legal approach, it is possible to negotiate a child support and/or alimony settlement that will provide sufficient financial support to move on after a divorce. As with any major life decision, this is a matter that deserves careful consideration in light of all the facts.

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