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Youngest children affected the most from a Georgia divorce

Research has shown that the younger children in a marriage are the most adversely affected by divorce. As the attachments are formed by the young children toward their parents, divorce can possibly have unfavorable effects to that affection. For Georgia parents contemplating divorce, the results of this research could help them make the situation easier on all children involved.

The research consisted of a survey among a number of adults on their childhood experiences. The study observed the bond between the parents and the children of a younger age. The results showed that the younger the child at the time of the divorce, the greater the impact. While there seemed to be some anxiety toward both parents, there is more affection toward the parent with whom they lived after the divorce

The study provides some evidence that the affection between parent and child begins when the child is very young. One of the researchers did say that what happens during those early years does not definitely establish how children will turn out as adults, but those occurrences do help shape the adult the child becomes. The results also suggest that although there might be some resentment on the part of the children toward the parents, it does not seem to affect the romantic relationships the children have when they grow into adults.

Staying together for the sake of the children is not always the best solution for a marriage that is no longer working out. The effect of the divorce on the younger children, however, does need to be taken into serious consideration. Whether in Georgia or anywhere else, assistance can be found for married couples heading toward a divorce.

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