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Apps may be the future for a Georgia divorce

Georgia residents may be interested to learn about the way professionals in another state make going through a divorce a little easier. It is through an app that offers help for different phases of a divorce. The app can be downloaded for no cost from iTunes.

The app has been very helpful to many people who are looking to file for divorce. There are times they do not want to talk to anyone else about what they may be thinking or going through or they may not want to confide in a professional they and their spouse have used. If they look on the internet for possible representation, they may find this app and get the assistance they need.

One of the highlights of the app include being able to make, save, and archive notes made on the person’s divorce process. These notes combine with email connected to the user’s iPhone. A person can also track finances and find assets needed for making divorce decisions. There is also material on subjects related to divorce such as child support and custody as well as information on support groups.

This app is only available in certain states at this time, but it should not be much longer before more professionals use tools such as this to aid potential clients. While there may not yet be an app for those persons seeking a divorce in Georgia, most people do have access to the Internet. It may be worth taking the time to do some research into the steps to take, starting by discussing options with the legal representation that has been retained.

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal, “Divorce? There’s an app for that,” Jeff Blumenthal, July 2, 2013