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Georgia residents beware of child support scam

Georgia parents who have been ordered to pay child support may find themselves struggling to make ends meet at times. Although this is a legal obligation, the person is only required what they have been ordered to pay. A recent child support scam is making headlines and has some parents concerned they could be the next victim.

The people involved in the scam have been described to be very pushy and don’t handle the matter in the way an actual state worker would. Police have warned that if a person is being harassed at home or work then they should contact Family Court and not make a payment to the person that is being pushy. Over a million dollars was paid as a result of this scam just last month. To date, police have arrested three individuals involved in the scam.

The paying party isn’t the only person that suffers as a result of such scams. The parent that has been ordered to receive child support will not receive payments made to these false companies. This can cause a hardship on the parent as well as the children. Child support is in place to help take care of the basic needs of a child. Without receiving these payments, a child could do without these basic life necessities.

Any Georgia parent that pays or receives child support may want to keep an eye out for such scams. By knowing the local laws and how the state handles payments, a person can be more likely to protect themselves. Anytime there is a discrepancy, it can be wise to go directly through the court to clear up any potential issues.

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