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January 2013 Archives

How the real estate market may impact your divorce

When couples getting divorced own a home, they will need to decide what to do with the property. Some couples choose to sell the house and split the profit while other couples decide that one person will continue to live in the house. With today's current housing market, both of these options may be difficult.

'Real Housewife' announces divorce

Last month, reality TV star and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel announced that she and her husband of three years had decided to divorce. Frankel is the creator of the popular Skinnygirl cocktail and lifestyle brand, but she is probably best known as a former star of the "Real Housewives" franchise and a spin-off reality show about her life and marriage.

Be proactive to avoid interstate child custody battles

When you and your spouse are going through the lengthy, costly, often-exhausting divorce process, it can be very tempting to cut corners and take the easiest way out. However, in many cases, failing to resolve issues that seem inconsequential or unnecessary at the time can come back to haunt you, and make the process much more difficult in the end.

Buzz Aldrin and third wife divorce

In late December, the divorce of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his third wife, Lois Driggs Cannon, became final. According to media reports, the high-asset divorce settlement orders Aldrin to make a large lump sum payment to his ex-wife as well as pay significant amounts in monthly spousal support. Cannon will also have a claim to much of his future income.

How will Kardashian divorce affect her child's paternity?

It was recently announced that reality television star Kim Kardashian is pregnant with the child of her long-term boyfriend, hip-hop star Kanye West. Kardashian quickly confirmed the rumors, stating that she is about three months pregnant and due in June. And while West, Kardashian and her family have been vocally joyful about the impending birth of the child, there is one small detail that appears to have been overlooked in many media reports: Kardashian is still married to Kris Humphries.

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