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Kardashian divorce drama continues

New reports are saying that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce will not be finalized any time soon. What’s the problem now?

Last week, Kardashian reportedly offered her husband $10 million to settle their divorce but Humphries’ declined the offer because he wants to get an annulment. Now reports are saying that Kardashian thinks Humphries is dragging out their divorce proceedings and causing her to pay over $250,000 in legal fees.

Because the divorce proceedings have taken so long, Kardashian now wants Humphries to pay for her legal fees since he is the one not agreeing to a divorce settlement.

Kardashian filed for divorce in October 2011 after the couple had only been married for 72 days. A month after she filed for divorce, Humphries filed for a separation and an annulment saying that the married was fraudulent and Kardashian only married him for the publicity.

The couple’s divorce proceedings have lasted a lot longer than the marriage did. While most couples are married longer than 72 days before filing for divorce, it is not uncommon for divorce proceedings to last longer than both spouses thought they would.

When divorce proceedings include claims of marriage fraud and other contested issues, it usually takes longer for the couple to reach a divorce settlement agreement. Unlike both Kardashian and Humphries, most couples do not want to waste this much time and money contesting their divorce settlement.

An experienced divorce attorney can help in contested divorce matters, especially when the couples have a lot of assets and property tied to the marriage. Individuals thinking about getting divorced or going through a divorce should consult a divorce attorney to discuss their specific case.

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