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Co-parenting tips for divorced couples with teens

Raising teenagers can be complicated for any parent but going through a divorce can make parenting much more of a challenge. Co-parenting teenagers can be difficult for divorced parents, especially if they are moving between two homes.

Divorced couples often benefit from creating a parenting plan that outlines agreements between both spouses on how their children will be raised as well as address the daily schedules and living arrangements.

There are several practical issues divorced parents should consider when negotiating and agreeing to a parenting plan for their children. Below is a list of suggestions to consider when co-parenting children after divorce:

When will children get their driver’s license and what vehicle will they drive? Divorced parents need to consider if the child will be given their own vehicle or if they will use one of their parent’s vehicle.

How will smart phones, laptops and clothing be provided and paid for? Parents need to cooperate with each other and come to an agreement on what their children will have, who will pay for it and what rules they will have to follow while using certain devices.

Should kids work before they are at least 16-years-old? Parents should discuss the pros and cons of allowing their child to work and come to an agreement. Remember to discuss this decision with your child and keep their concerns in mind.

How will curfew be decided and enforced? Divorced parents should discuss and have the same household rules for their children. This will make it much easier for kids to understand and follow the rules, especially if they have the same consequences.

Parenting plans should be clear and provide specific details for both children and parents. Specific parenting issues should be discussed and parents should have a clear plan to address how they will raise their children after divorce.

Parents can also consult a divorce attorney to discuss what issues should be addressed in their parenting plan as well as identify what other issues may need to be addressed.

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