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Sanders divorce heading to trial in March

Going through a divorce is tough, but when it’s a contentious divorce, the entire process can drag on. This is the case for Deion Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Pilar Sanders.

The Sanders’ will be heading for a jury trial in March over issues that the two can’t come to agreement about. A continuation of proceedings began in December, but Sanders says he can’t speak to Pilar until their divorce is final.

The divorce process has been stressful on their three children. The children are currently being treated by a therapist. The therapist gave an update at the proceeding and said that she had not seen the children in two months, but prior to that, she believed that there was a lack of co-parenting going on. She also indicated that the children seem divided between their parents.

During the hearing the court heard testimony about an incident where the oldest child ran away from his mother’s custody, entered a store, and begged to use a phone to call his father. He was claiming abuse. Despite this testimony, Sanders claims that his children are doing fine in light of their public divorce.

While Sanders claims his children are doing fine, he did admit that the children are exposed to information from the Internet and other sources about the divorce and that it is hard on them. Sanders has primary custody of two of the children, while Pilar has custody of one child. He pays approximately $5,500 a month in child support and both parents have visitation rights.

Sanders has requested that the child support amount be reduced because he isn’t making as much as he used to and is having trouble covering all of his expenses. He also claims that because of the negative publicity surrounding his divorce, he has lost endorsement deals and potential income of $500,000 to $750,000.

Source:, “Deion Sanders Says Divorce Has Him “Tapped Out,” Catherine Ross, Jan. 10, 2013