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January is the month when the divorce filings seem to increase

In many -- if not most -- wedding ceremonies, the couple promises to stick it out through thick and thin. However, saying the words and being able to carry them out through the hard times are two entirely different things. In fact, in spite of their collective best efforts, many couples just cannot make a marriage work, for multiple reasons. It is likely that many Georgia couples likewise file for divorce when the relationship becomes insupportable.

Congress okays bill to protect child custody rights re deployment

In a by-gone era, the fathers went into the military and the mothers tended to the house and children. However, those days are gone as now either parent is just as likely to enter the different branches of service. Until recently, this choice may have come at a terrible price for some parents who were denied child custody on the basis of their military deployments. Many parents throughout Georgia and the rest of the country possibly lost custody due to their deployment status.

Deion Sanders' ex-wife jailed for child custody violation

The world of celebrity seems to have little in common with the lives of the average Georgia resident. However, even sports and movie stars must live by the orders issued by judges, even in matters related to divorce and child custody matters. Recently, the former spouse of a well-known athlete was forced to recognize the importance of adhering to these orders.

Strange child custody dispute ends with Georgia child found safe

Occasionally, one hears of unusually intense disagreements where a child is not returned by a non-custodial parent. When a parent encounters difficulties in regaining custody of a child, that parent usually files a report with the proper officials in an attempt to bring the child safely home. However, one child custody dispute in Georgia appears to have taken an unusual turn.

Predivorce planning may save frustration down the road

In spite of the best intentions and efforts, not every marriage will survive. In fact, the current statistics indicate that close to half of all marriages will end in divorce. Couples in Georgia that fear their relationship is also in danger may benefit from predivorce planning that could make the split less frustrating down the road.

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