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January is the month when the divorce filings seem to increase

In many — if not most — wedding ceremonies, the couple promises to stick it out through thick and thin. However, saying the words and being able to carry them out through the hard times are two entirely different things. In fact, in spite of their collective best efforts, many couples just cannot make a marriage work, for multiple reasons. It is likely that many Georgia couples likewise file for divorce when the relationship becomes insupportable.

Now that Americans are putting away the holiday decorations and tossing out the trees, there is one other thing that many couples are doing in January — filing for divorce. January has been dubbed the divorce month due to an increase in the number of filings that occur right after the holiday season. There may be numerous factors behind the increase, and finances may be behind some of them.

One divorce professional stated that the stresses caused by the holidays, along with monetary problems, can dictate the timing as to when a relationship ends. Some couples may decide to postpone the decision in order to prevent upsetting their children before the celebrations. Others may wait until they can afford to split up and pay for the process. Either way, this attorney also said that, when the economic conditions are more favorable, more couples are inclined to file their divorce petitions.

Though statistics seem to reflect a slight drop in the number of divorce filings, the reason may relate to whether a couple believes they can financially afford to end their relationship. Depending on the situation, some couples may spend thousands of dollars on a complex and acrimonious split. Georgia residents who are contemplating filing for their own marriage dissolution do have numerous local professionals to guide them throughout the process in order to make the separation as trouble-free as possible.

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