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Strange child custody dispute ends with Georgia child found safe

Occasionally, one hears of unusually intense disagreements where a child is not returned by a non-custodial parent. When a parent encounters difficulties in regaining custody of a child, that parent usually files a report with the proper officials in an attempt to bring the child safely home. However, one child custody dispute in Georgia appears to have taken an unusual turn.

According to the report, police received a request to carry out a welfare check on a local residence. It is unclear who made the request at this time, but Georgia police arrived at the home to apparently find nothing amiss with the five occupants in the home. However, they then received an additional call and went back to the home to investigate.

At some point, a child was discovered hidden behind a false wall in the home. The child had apparently been kept from his custodial mother for four years. The mother has alleged that the boy’s father did not return the child after a visit in 2010. Neighborhood residents indicated that they had seen the child on the premises and that they were told the child was being schooled at home. It is unclear why the mother never reported the child missing to Georgia police, though she purportedly did make a report to child welfare officials.

At some point during the search of the premises, the child was able to locate a phone and call his mother, who in turn contacted the police. Officials have filed obstruction, false imprisonment and child cruelty charges against the two adults and three minors who were residing in the home at the time. While this case is rather unusual, this mother is not the only one who has had to endure a contentious child custody dispute. Families do have access to professionals who are knowledgeable with family laws and can provide assistance in resolving problematic child custody issues or similar concerns.

Source:, “Boy Missing For 4 Years Found Behind False Wall In Georgia, Reunited With Mother“, Barbara Herman, Nov. 29, 2014