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Deion Sanders’ ex-wife jailed for child custody violation

The world of celebrity seems to have little in common with the lives of the average Georgia resident. However, even sports and movie stars must live by the orders issued by judges, even in matters related to divorce and child custody matters. Recently, the former spouse of a well-known athlete was forced to recognize the importance of adhering to these orders.

According to a recent report, the former wife of football star Deion Sanders was found to be in contempt of court and ordered to serve one week in the local jail. She allegedly failed to honor the child custody agreement that was part of her divorce from Mr. Sanders. The incident reportedly occurred last summer when the woman kept the couple’s three children longer than the agreement stipulated.

She did not have any counsel present with her during her recent appearance before the court. She allegedly claimed in the past that she was not required to submit to the laws of the United States, but rather is under the jurisdiction of a foreign government that is not in existence. The judge ordered her to begin serving her sentence for contempt immediately.

Along with the accusations of refusing to cooperate with the child custody agreement, Sanders is pursuing civil action against his ex-wife for alleged defamation of his character. As a result of this pending litigation, the court further ordered the woman to remove any belittling posts on social media sites. If anything, this report illustrates the difficulty that families may encounter while attempting to work out all of the issues that surround a divorce and custody orders. Georgia families that are also experiencing difficulties in these situations may benefit from the guidance provided by local resources experienced in helping families find the best resolutions to fit their unique needs.

Source:, “Deion Sanders’ Ex Tossed in Jail for Violating Custody Agreement“, Dec. 16, 2014