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A Georgia divorce made easier?

Divorce can be a difficult time for a couple, whether in Georgia or any other state. So many divorces end up in a courtroom where the lives of both parties are laid out for the world to see. There is another option for divorce proceedings that offers more privacy and is beginning to become more popular.

Facing financial fears in a Georgia divorce

Going through a divorce, whether in Georgia or any other state, can be a very scary time for both spouses. A recent report has focused on three financial fears most people going through a divorce usually have. Along with naming those fears, the report gives some suggestions on how to reduce them.

How a long deployment may affect a Georgia divorce

Most Georgia residents understand that military deployments take an unbelievable toll on the enlisted member. Although not nearly as extreme, family members left behind are usually negatively impacted, as well. For some military members, they come back from a long employment to face the circumstance of divorce. The Department of Defense backed a study that revealed that there is a greater chance of divorce with an extended deployment.

Problems that lead to a Georgia divorce after years of marriage

While divorce is common in this day and age, it is thought that once a marriage has lasted for over 10 years that it will most likely last for life. However, Georgia citizens may be interested to learn that more couples who have been married for 15 and 20 years are headed for divorce. The reasons for this may be so apparent that they are often taken for granted in the relationship.

Does depression have an effect on a Georgia divorce?

Georgia residents may be interested to learn of a study which shows that the those who go through divorce aren't at greater risk for depression after the marital split unless they have a pattern of depression in the past. This could help those who are contemplating a divorce consider what proactive steps they may need to take to safeguard their mental health in the future. The study found that those who have a history of depression have the highest risk of depression after divorce.

Can Georgia spouses be jailed for missing alimony payments?

It's understandable that in many situations, parents who miss child support payments could face jail time. However, divorced spouses in Georgia may face time in jail for missing alimony payments. This is the case with a man who has been jailed multiple times and is now on a work release program. He must report to jail by a certain time each evening and leave during the day for work. In order for him to be released, he must pay $25,000 in back alimony.

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