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Does depression have an effect on a Georgia divorce?

Georgia residents may be interested to learn of a study which shows that the those who go through divorce aren’t at greater risk for depression after the marital split unless they have a pattern of depression in the past. This could help those who are contemplating a divorce consider what proactive steps they may need to take to safeguard their mental health in the future. The study found that those who have a history of depression have the highest risk of depression after divorce.

The number of people researched was not given in a report about the study, but it did claim that 60 percent of the people studied who had been divorced and had gone through depression in the past were identified as having depression later on. However, if there was not a history of depression, the percentage of being prone to depression decreased to 10 percent. This information may help people manage the loss of the relationship after going through a divorce.

Other studies show that even those people who have remarried after divorce could find themselves suffering from depression and other types of health issues. This may mean that those with a history of depression or other health problems may wish to take steps like seeking therapy or some other outlet as they initiate divorce proceedings. Divorce may increase the risk of depression for some, but there is little doubt that staying in an unhappy marriage can also increase the risk of depression for many individuals.

Whether a Georgia resident going through a divorce has a history of depression or not, there are steps that can be taken in order to decrease the chance of giving in to depression after a marital break-up. Whatever steps are taken, it is also important to make sure that spouses going through divorce understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. This can help increase their chances for moving forward in a more positive manner.

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