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A Georgia divorce made easier?

Divorce can be a difficult time for a couple, whether in Georgia or any other state. So many divorces end up in a courtroom where the lives of both parties are laid out for the world to see. There is another option for divorce proceedings that offers more privacy and is beginning to become more popular.

This option is called a collaborative divorce. It used to be that only the more affluent couples used this type of divorce because not going through the court system assured more privacy concerning the details of the separation. The process has recently become more affordable to a greater number of people.

The formal name of this type of divorce is collaborative dispute resolution. The process begins when each marriage partner chooses his and her own legal representation and consent to stay out of court. Those representatives will choose professionals in both finances and mental health. Then, all parties meet together to hash out any problems and the professionals share information and give advice on solutions. After the meetings have culminated in a mutual agreement, the couple will then see a judge who will sign the divorce decree.

This type of divorce has several advantages, the main one being a more conciliatory attitude between the partners. It also costs less than divorces that go through the court system since the couple is not paying for the court’s time. Each partner in the Georgia couple who is thinking about the collaborative process when seeking a divorce will still need representation to make sure the best interests of both parties are served.

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