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How retirement plans may be affected by a Georgia divorce

As more Georgia couples are getting a divorce when they are older, there may be some concern as to how the divorce settlement will affect their retirement plans. One or both parties may have to work more years than they had expected. Often after a divorce has been finalized, the parties just do not have the money coming in that they thought they would.

The possible effects of social media on a Georgia divorce

Social media knows no age limit these days. From young teens to great-grandparents, logging on to Facebook or LinkedIn is an everyday occurrence. For Georgia residents of any age contemplating divorce, however, that popular activity comes with a warning to be careful with what is posted on social media. It may have a large impact on the outcome of divorce procedures.

Ex-wife vows to renew Georgia child custody battle with Usher

Most everyone in Georgia has heard about the very public divorce and custody battle of Usher and his ex-wife. Now, as their son is released from the hospital after a recent pool accident, the singer's ex-wife has vowed to renew their child custody battle. Usher was previously awarded sole custody of the couple's two children.

Asset division in a Georgia divorce

Many Georgia women who are going through a divorce may not realize what types of assets they are entitled to in the proceedings. The court will ask each spouse to sort all assets into separate property or marital property. Whether the divorce is going smoothly or there are many arguments over who will end up with what, there should always be research into what the state law deems each type of property.

Georgia child support: man ordered to pay for child not his

Georgia parents understand the importance of providing financial support for their children. However, many parents would not be able to understand if someone was made to pay child support for a child that is not theirs. This is exactly what has happened to a man who has been mandated to pay child support for a child who is not biologically his. His ex-wife had gotten pregnant by another man while they were still married, but were separated.

Hill-Macdonald Wins Another Appeal

On August 14, 2013, the Georgia Court of Appeals published its opinion in the case of Chandler v. Rohner.  This is an important case for father's rights.  The trial court committed several reversible errors -- including an attempt to terminate a father's parental rights in a legitimation action.  In rendering its opinion, the Court of Appeals held that such an action by the trial court was a mere nullity that required reversal.

Accurate asset valuations critical in Georgia divorce

Residents of Georgia may be interested to learn of a woman in another state who is claiming fraud in her divorce case. She is looking to reverse the divorce decree because she feels her husband pushed for an expedited divorce to keep her from receiving millions of dollars more than what she was awarded in the proceedings. Fraud is just one of the allegations she is pursuing against her ex-husband.

Flexibility helps for Georgia parents expecting child support

Georgia parents who wait every month on child support or alimony payments may need to practice patience, according to a recent report. A couple may have the financial arrangements settled in court during divorce proceedings, but circumstances sometimes vary, making a change in those agreed upon child support or alimony payments inevitable. Learning to be flexible will help during those times of change.

Man is being held in Georgia prison until he pays child support

The former general counsel of Glock, Inc., which has its US headquarters office in Georgia, had been incarcerated after being convicted of several crimes. The charges against him were reversed on appeal, and he was awaiting his release when he was informed that he was to remain in prison until back child support he owed his ex-wife was paid. The child support amount owed is in the thousands of dollars, He is also expected to pay for interest accrued on that amount in addition to the legal fees of his ex-wife.

Child custody can affect parental relationship into adulthood

For Georgia parents who are undergoing the end of their marriage, the health and well-being of shared children is a top priority. Most spouses spend more time negotiating their child custody agreement than any other divorce topic, and rightfully so. The manner in which children are raised in the aftermath of a divorce can have lasting effects, as one recent study demonstrates.

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