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Ex-wife vows to renew Georgia child custody battle with Usher

Most everyone in Georgia has heard about the very public divorce and custody battle of Usher and his ex-wife. Now, as their son is released from the hospital after a recent pool accident, the singer’s ex-wife has vowed to renew their child custody battle. Usher was previously awarded sole custody of the couple’s two children.

Usher V got his arm stuck in a pool drain in Usher’s home. Contractors doing the installation of a sound system at the house saved the boy’s life. Shortly after the incident, while their son was still in the hospital, Usher’s ex-wife filed for an emergency hearing in which she asked for temporary full custody of the children. The children’s mother may have been rightfully scared for her son, but the reality is that accidents can happen no matter how cautious parents or caregivers are with children.

At the hearing, the judge denied her request and Usher maintains sole custody. Now that the boy has left the hospital and is recovering nicely, the ex-wife may make good on her threat to renew her bid for sole custody with the Georgia court system. Court intervention is often the only way to settle such disputes when the parents simply aren’t able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement on their own.

According to sources, this incident is not the only reason that Usher’s ex-wife is planning to seek a modification to the couple’s child custody arrangement. However, those details are not yet known. Since the battle is taking place here in Georgia, people in our state may be some of the first to find out what those other details may be. Regardless of how the parents may feel about each other, it is the best interests of the child that a judge will focus on when making his or her decision.

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