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Man is being held in Georgia prison until he pays child support

The former general counsel of Glock, Inc., which has its US headquarters office in Georgia, had been incarcerated after being convicted of several crimes. The charges against him were reversed on appeal, and he was awaiting his release when he was informed that he was to remain in prison until back child support he owed his ex-wife was paid. The child support amount owed is in the thousands of dollars, He is also expected to pay for interest accrued on that amount in addition to the legal fees of his ex-wife.

Legal representation for this man has argued that the contempt order is inappropriate and possibly even illegal. He claims that his client’s due process rights were violated when the contempt order was handed down because he was not afforded a hearing to determine whether he was able to pay child support since he had been incarcerated and has been unable to earn any income. His counsel contends the man should be given time, once he is released from prison, to find employment and make the money needed for the payments.

Since he did flee the country several years ago after a grand jury indicted him on the criminal charges, the man’s ex-wife wants him to remain in prison. She fears that once he is released, he may move to an area where the court has no jurisdiction, and she will never get the back child support. Prior to his incarceration he had declared bankruptcy and was not employed, so his ex-wife consented to the payments being half of what was originally ordered.

Family members have loaned the man close to $22,000 that has been paid to the ex-wife while he has been in prison. Counsel for the ex-wife maintains she is still owed over $140,000 in child support payments and legal fees. Until the court makes a decision on his release, this parent is in limbo. The decision made regarding his situation could have ramifications for other Georgia parents that are behind on their child support.

Source:, “Judge Keeps Ex-GC Of Glock In Jail, But Recuses,” R. Robin McDonald, July 18, 2013