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Georgia child support: man ordered to pay for child not his

Georgia parents understand the importance of providing financial support for their children. However, many parents would not be able to understand if someone was made to pay child support for a child that is not theirs. This is exactly what has happened to a man who has been mandated to pay child support for a child who is not biologically his. His ex-wife had gotten pregnant by another man while they were still married, but were separated.

The court system does recognize that this man is not the biological father and directed the biological parents to split the medical expenses. Those papers even acknowledged that the biological father does have some type of relationship with the baby. However, the ex-husband still received a letter telling him he was expected to pay nearly $8,500 in back child support and other expenses.

An official for the court stated that the court is only concerned with the best interest of any children in this situation and they felt the ex-husband, as opposed to the biological father, could better support the baby. There is a law for that state that was passed in 1956 that says there are no legal privileges for the biological father of a child born to a married woman. A senator from the state says that law needs to be changed and he is doing what he can to make that happen.

As it turns out, the mother told the biological father the baby was his but she was going to raise it with her husband. The father does want the responsibility of paying child support and to have a relationship with his child and is willing to legally make that happen. A few days ago, the court absolved the ex-husband of the responsibility of child support for the baby. This case is a good example showing residents in Georgia or any other state that research is beneficial when faced with what seems like outrageous legal action.

Source:, “Child support law ‘outrageous’,” Heather Walker, July 26, 2013