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Is ex-wife entitled to half of convicted police chief's pension?

Although this particular case did not originate in our state, Georgia readers of our blog might be interested in it none the less. The case involves a police chief who was convicted on charges of insurance fraud and official misconduct. Although he intends to appeal his conviction, if it holds up in appeals court he could lose his $11,000 monthly pension. Prior to his conviction, and alleged illegal activities he was divorced.

Kids need honesty and openness to deal with divorce

By nature, children tend to be selfish and self-absorbed. This is why, more often than not, kids are surprised and thrown off-guard when their parents announce that they have decided to divorce. But even if they see the split coming, adjusting to the changes it brings can be difficult for children of any age.

Could Facebook hurt your Atlanta divorce case?

In a 2010 survey of U.S. divorce attorneys, more than 80 percent reported that they had seen an increase in the number of family law cases in which social media posts and photos were used as evidence in the last five years. And as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites continue to grow in usage and popularity, this number will likely only increase.

How the children decision can lead to divorce

When you are engaged and planning your wedding, it is generally a very exciting time. Once the date has been set, invitations sent and RSVPs received, it usually takes a very significant issue to derail your upcoming nuptials. So many couples, upon learning something about their future spouse that would normally be classified as a 'deal-breaker,' choose to ignore that detail with the (often misguided) belief that love can overcome all, and that they will be able to work it out after the wedding.

Wife of Chad "Ochocinco" files for divorce

After a brief 41-day marriage, Evelyn Lozada of VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives" has filed for divorce from NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco). Johnson was arrested this weekend for allegedly head-butting Lozada in an altercation in Florida. In addition to the assault charges and divorce filing, Johnson is facing the loss of a spin-off reality show on their relationship and a termination of his contract to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Evander Holyfield finalizes divorce in Georgia

After nearly a decade of marriage, former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield and his wife have divorced, according to entertainment media reports. Their divorce was finalized in Georgia family court last month, almost nine years to the day from the couple's wedding day and two years after the divorce petition was filed. They have two children together.

Family law attorney offers tips for divorcing men

Although the family law world has become significantly more friendly toward men in recent decades, husbands and fathers may still find themselves at somewhat of a disadvantage in divorce, child custody and other family law cases. Therefore, according to one family law attorney, men need to take special precautions in order to protect their interests during the legal divorce process.

Georgia football player arrested for child support nonpayment

Four months after filing for bankruptcy, a former professional football player was arrested this week on charges that he had failed to make his court-ordered child support payments. But despite his financial situation and the criminal charges against him, Jamal Lewis insisted to the media that he has paid his child support as directed, stating that the allegations against him are simply a 'misunderstanding.'

Father makes unusual request in custody negotiations

If you and your spouse had decided to divorce, and you were asked to pick a few select dates and events that you wanted to spend with your children, what would you choose? Religious or secular holidays, or perhaps your birthday? What about an annual family reunion or some other special event?

After divorce, change your name and ID by Election Day

With just under 100 days left until the 2012 presidential election, Georgia residents are likely to see a significant increase in campaign commercials, candidate emails and donation requests in the coming weeks. While there is still plenty of time to decide which candidate you would like to see in office, there is one task that recently-divorced women may want to tackle well in advance: changing your name and getting a new driver's license or ID card.

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