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Family law attorney offers tips for divorcing men

Although the family law world has become significantly more friendly toward men in recent decades, husbands and fathers may still find themselves at somewhat of a disadvantage in divorce, child custody and other family law cases. Therefore, according to one family law attorney, men need to take special precautions in order to protect their interests during the legal divorce process.

In an article on the Huffington Post, divorce lawyer Silvana Raso says that men need to keep in mind that their behavior and actions during divorce are very important, and offers several tips for divorcing men. We will discuss that list below.

  1. Remain calm and polite. Your soon-to-be-ex may try to anger you in order to get evidence that you should not be granted custody or receive property in the split. Do not take the bait.
  2. Be smart about social media. In today’s family law world, anything you say online will be used against you in family court. Set your privacy settings high and don’t post anything that or that would just sound bad if it was read out loud in court. You may even want to consider deleting your accounts altogether.
  3. Do not flaunt your new life. If you have entered into a new relationship, it is best to wait until the divorce is final to introduce your new girlfriend to your ex-wife and children. A new significant other could be seen as a reason not to grant you custody.
  4. Continue to live in your home. Until the court says otherwise, you have the right to live in your marital home, and you are responsible for its expenses. Although it may be uncomfortable, waiting to move until the divorce is final could save a significant amount of money.

As long as you remain calm and don’t make any rash decisions, you should be able to get the best possible outcome from your divorce case.

Source: Huffington Post, “The Male Side of Divorce: What Men Need to Know,” Silvana D. Raso, Aug. 7, 2012

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