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Evander Holyfield finalizes divorce in Georgia

After nearly a decade of marriage, former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield and his wife have divorced, according to entertainment media reports. Their divorce was finalized in Georgia family court last month, almost nine years to the day from the couple’s wedding day and two years after the divorce petition was filed. They have two children together.

Holyfield’s now-ex wife filed for divorce in June 2010, not long after attempting to obtain a protective order against her husband for allegedly hitting her in the face, head and back in front of their children. She later dropped those charges, but continued to seek the divorce. After more than two years of negotiation, the couple has reportedly reached a settlement agreement on issues of property division, child custody, child support and alimony. The details of their settlement have not been made public.

The finalization of the divorce comes in the middle of a tumultuous year for Holyfield. In March, his Georgia mansion was foreclosed upon and sold to the bank for more than $7 million. He and his wife also recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Later this year, several of his belongings, including watches, cars and personal items such as championship rings and belts, will be auctioned off in order to pay some of his debts.

Holyfield’s financial difficulties have played a part in other recent family law cases. He has fought to get the child support obligations for his 10 other children lowered, claiming that he no longer has the income to make those payments. It is not known whether those attempts were successful.

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