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Choosing the right family law attorney

If you have decided to file for divorce, you have probably found yourself facing the overwhelming task of finding a Cobb County family law attorney to guide you through the divorce process. Although your decision in this regard will depend largely on personal preferences such as gender, age and experience level, and other logistical factors such as cost and office location, there are a few things that you should remember when you are meeting with attorneys.

How summer vacation can affect child custody

If this is your child's first summer break since you and your spouse divorced, you may have unsure of how the change in your child's schedule will affect your child custody and parenting time agreement. Hopefully, the agreement or court order contains sufficient details about any changes to your parenting time schedule during the summer months. But even the most detailed agreement can easily miss a key point, and even the most experienced family law attorney or family court can fail to anticipate an issue that could eventually arise.

Military divorce rate surpasses civilians

According to recent statistics from the Pentagon, the military divorce rate is currently about 3.7 percent. This means that nearly four percent of military marriages end every year in the United States. In comparison, the civilian divorce rate is about 3.5 percent.

Maintaining the grandparent relationship after divorce

When Georgia parents decide to divorce, their children may feel as if their world has suddenly become incredibly unstable as they work to adjust to a new family life and possibly a new home, neighborhood and school. As such, it is important for parents to maintain as much stability in their child's life as possible, especially during the early days during and following the divorce.

Societal changes contribute to falling divorce rate

Although statistics seem to indicate that the divorce rate has remained constant over the past several decades, a closer look reveals otherwise, according to a recent CNBC report. Specifically, the number of people who have been divorced has dropped significantly in the past decade, especially among younger people, indicating that the overall divorce rate will soon be on the decline.

How to handle health insurance after divorce

One of the most common questions asked of Georgia family law attorneys is whether spouses can remain on one another's health insurance after their divorce becomes final. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is usually no. Most health insurance companies will only insure current spouses.

Kardashian-Humphries divorce drags on

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have already been separated for much longer than they were married. And with no foreseeable end to their divorce case in the near future, it seems that their separation may even outlast the amount of time that the couple dated and were married, combined.

Divorcing before 30? How to deal

Today, women are waiting longer to get married than they ever have before, due to a variety of changing cultural norms and priorities. However, more than half of women in Georgia and across the U.S. still get married before they turn 30. And because the divorce rate continues to hover around 50 percent, many of these young marriages end, leaving about 10 percent of women divorced by 30.

Pet mediators can help resolve animal issues in divorce

If you are like most other Atlanta pet owners, you probably consider your dog, cat, bird or other animal to be a member of the family. But under the family laws of most states, pets are considered to be mere personal property, like a piece of furniture or jewelry. Because of that property status, many family court judges refuse to deal with a dispute over a pet, issuing an order based solely on the relevant property laws.

The changing face of child custody

In years past, the child custody orders handed down by most family court judges in Georgia and around the country were largely identical. When parents divorced, the mother would get sole custody of the children, and the father would get parenting time every other weekend, or a similar schedule.

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