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Divorcing before 30? How to deal

Today, women are waiting longer to get married than they ever have before, due to a variety of changing cultural norms and priorities. However, more than half of women in Georgia and across the U.S. still get married before they turn 30. And because the divorce rate continues to hover around 50 percent, many of these young marriages end, leaving about 10 percent of women divorced by 30.

There are many reasons why divorcing young is fairly common. First, young couples face several challenges due simply to their age. Money may be tight, school and new careers may add stress, and both spouses may simply be growing and changing personally.

For people who divorce young, it can be extremely difficult to deal with the end of the marriage and everything that goes along with it. Not only must you deal with the shame and humiliation that is, unfortunately, inherent in a divorce, but you must also accept that your dreams for the future with your spouse – a home, children, growing old together – are never going to happen.

So what is the best way to handle a divorce before 30? How can young couples move on and get a fresh start on life after marriage?

Simply, that seems to be the key: getting a fresh start. A divorce can be a catalyst for change and reinvention, allowing you to challenge yourself and meet new and lofty goals. Get back into activities you loved when you were single, reconnect with friends and family and meet new people. Look at your divorce as a positive step in your life, not a negative one, and you will probably find yourself better off in the end.

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