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Kardashian-Humphries divorce drags on

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have already been separated for much longer than they were married. And with no foreseeable end to their divorce case in the near future, it seems that their separation may even outlast the amount of time that the couple dated and were married, combined.

The reason for the long delay, according to Kardashian’s divorce lawyer, is Humphries’ “hurt feelings” and his ongoing request for an annulment instead of a divorce. The reason Humphries is seeking to have his 72-day marriage annulled is because he believes it was the product of fraud.

Kardashian, of course, has denied those allegations, and is pressing for a divorce. She and Humphries have already been separated for six months, making them eligible for a divorce to be granted.

In a recent hearing, Humphries’ family law attorneys asked for more time to gather evidence to decide whether they can and should pursue the claim of fraud. If they decide to do so, the case will likely result in a trial.

In order to compel Humphries to give up his request for an annulment, Kardashian has stated that, if the case goes to trial and she wins, she will request that Humphries pay her legal fees, which will likely be quite hefty. Currently, she has asked that both sides pay their own fees and costs.

It is not yet known whether and when the judge overseeing the case will grant Humphries’ motion. The couple is scheduled to return to court in August for a routine status hearing. You can read more about their initial divorce filing in our earlier family law blog post.

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