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An intelligent wife may lead to a lower chance of divorce

Several generations ago, if a woman held an educational advantage over her husband, the marriage had a higher probability of not surviving. However, the latest studies have seemed to show a reversal in this trend, with divorce becoming less likely when the wife has a higher level of education. Georgia families may remember, though, that there may be many reasons why a relationship might end.

Suggestions to help distract those going through a divorce

The end of a marriage can sometimes leave those going through it wondering what life will look like after the process is over. A divorce can be an emotional time that is difficult to endure without allowing time to regroup and relieve stress. Couples in Georgia that are beginning the process may benefit from learning about ways to relax.

Suggestions for untangling electronic life in a Georgia divorce

Deciding that a marriage has come to an end is often just the beginning of what can seem like a complicated series of decisions. Now, in this technologically advanced world, it may be a good idea to disconnect the varied electronic ties that once helped hold a couple together. Georgia couples who have started the divorce process might benefit from some suggestions concerning how to "unplug" each other.

Divorce and the best time to let children know

Summer is the season for swimming, camping and other outdoor-related activities. However, according to statistics, summer is also a popular time to seek a divorce. Parents have expressed the opinion that this is the season when children may be able to best cope with the impeding separation. Georgia families may benefit from some guidelines concerning when their children should be told.

Court sentences man to jail in spite of paying late child support

Divorced parents have many issues to settle between them. Frequently, a court will determine the type of custody that would be the optimal arrangement for the children and which parent is in the best position to provide child support payments. As such, the noncustodial parent is expected to provide financial support on a regular basis. There may be many Georgia families that also struggle to ensure that all the needs of their children are being met.

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