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Suggestions for untangling electronic life in a Georgia divorce

Deciding that a marriage has come to an end is often just the beginning of what can seem like a complicated series of decisions. Now, in this technologically advanced world, it may be a good idea to disconnect the varied electronic ties that once helped hold a couple together. Georgia couples who have started the divorce process might benefit from some suggestions concerning how to “unplug” each other.

There are several areas that each party may wish to double check during the dissolution process to ensure that privacy is protected. First, if the couple shared an electronic gadget, then they should decide who will keep it, while the other partner purchases his or her own. It is important, also, to remove any personal information from it first. The one thing not to do is to tamper with shared financial accounts. Each party should, however, change the passwords.

Other steps to take involve changing all passwords for each and every account type that the spouses had knowledge of, because doing so will ensure that what is now personal information will stay that way. If there are children, carefully consider what they may have access to so that the ex cannot gain information through their kids’ devices. Social media sites should also be secured. It is best to delete any postings now that may appear questionable or otherwise inappropriate. Remember, also, to not discuss anything that one spouse could possible use against the other, particularly with respect to child custody and visitation issues.

The process of obtaining a divorce can seem overwhelming at times. It may be useful to remember that, ultimately, each party will be able to start anew. Part of achieving that goal is to ensure that the privacy and security of both sides are protected and not subjected to violation through electronic means. Georgia families who may need information concerning the steps to take while procuring a divorce can locate resources that may provide assistance.

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