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An intelligent wife may lead to a lower chance of divorce

Several generations ago, if a woman held an educational advantage over her husband, the marriage had a higher probability of not surviving. However, the latest studies have seemed to show a reversal in this trend, with divorce becoming less likely when the wife has a higher level of education. Georgia families may remember, though, that there may be many reasons why a relationship might end.

According to a recent study, the fact that a woman has earned a higher degree no longer seems to be a predictor of an unequal marriage. Instead, many marriages today seem to pair either equally educated partners or a woman with a greater amount of education over her male counterpart. Many believe that men may have resented a more intelligent wife several generations ago, but these couples may have separated for a variety of reasons.

In spite of attaining higher education, many women still do not earn as much as men. Conversely, when the wife earns more and has more education, she still may contribute more time and energy on menial household tasks. Researchers believe this may be a residual effect from generations of assumptions that the woman is the primary nurturer, regardless of outside career accomplishments. So, while there has been great progress in respect to a woman’s educational value and equal respect inside of marriage, there is much progress to be made when it comes to gender-specific expectations.

This study is not meant to infer that a marriage will only be successful if the wife is equally or more educated than her spouse. Furthermore, this is only one aspect of the many variables that can either lead to marriage longevity or a divorce. Couples in Georgia that have decided that a dissolution of their marriage is the best remedy for their troubled relationship do have resources that can provide information and guidance while they work to pursue a new life.

Source: USA Today, “A more educated wife: Not a recipe for divorce“, Kim Painter, July 24, 2014